A former Minister who organises terror attacks. A war between neighbours that leads to vote Leave. A financial triangle that ends in blood. A Chinese nuclear power plant a stone’s throw away from London. The NHS treatments freely given as indulgences for the people of a Romanian village. It is a surreal, ironic and grotesque tale the one painted  by Marco Varvello of a dystopian United Kingdom post Brexit

At the end of March 2019 the country will probably be out of the European Union.  For the past two years the word Brexit (which is an effective portmanteau of Britain and exit) has been dominating the debate on the future of the United Kingdom outside of the Eurozone and that of the EU without Britain.

Above all, it has been dominating the concerns of milions of European families living across the Channel, including 700,000 italians, as well as the many families who send their children to England to study and to become proficient in the language.

The Author has been the London news correspondent for RAI TG1 for many years after having lived and worked in Berlin. Based on his own experiences in both Britain and Germany and on his dual citizenship (Italian and British passports) he has written a Memoir of impressions and recollections to recount the atmosphere of anxiety caused by the vote for Brexit and that -whatever the outcome (be it a Soft or Hard or No Deal Brexit)- it will take us all back in time,  to a time of borders between states, permits and prohibitions.

A Blues of emotions between England and Germany,  facing a Brexit venture marked by the nuisance against the foreigners.But which paradoxically risks being perhaps the right exit in front of a Europe in difficulty, which closes the borders and betrays the very sense and principles of its Union.

Stories between reality and fantasy, which reveal a lot about London and the United Kingdom. But also about the Europe in crisis and Italy in the so called Third Republic, which is marked by nationalism and xenophobia.